Success principles and practices for dreamers and builders.
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Do you feel like the businesses you interact with care about helping you? Sadly, it just seems like we do business wrong. We focus on profit and don’t really care about the customer. The problem is, businesses create systems that behave like machines. And machines don’t care about people.


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Here is a simple truth for me: If something doesn’t excite me or add to my sense of fulfillment, then it’s just a task.

I don’t wake up thinking of tasks. I don’t get excited talking about tasks. I don’t think about how I can perform tasks better. I don’t…

I started blogging daily, on my website. Mainly because of Seth.

I have read several of Seth Godin’s books. Purple Cow comes to mind. Tribes was pretty cool. Years ago Seth inspired me to blog daily. It lasted three days.

Seven years later I’m giving daily blogging a go again.

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We sometimes get discouraged because we are not at the level we want to be. But we should be encouraged because we can be successful where we are. Success has many levels; success is today, and success is in the future. We are successful now, and we will be more…

Some say dreaming is an escape from reality. Don’t take your dreams seriously, they say. Come back “down to Earth,” and deal with reality. This is what many people think about dreaming. It’s entertainment; an escape from reality.

If a dream is an escape from reality, then it must have…

Anyone can manage the 80 percent of success that takes the least effort. True progress begins when you commit to the 20 percent that makes the difference. When you find…

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I study and write about personal success. While it is deeply rewarding and aligns with my interests, it is work. One of the ways I balance my life is with art. My art is photographing cars.

I can get so focused on one thing at the expense of others, so…

James Wilder

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