Success principles and practices for dreamers and builders.
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Dreams are the engines of possibilities that help us escape the gravity how things are.

Most people don’t get to dream on the job. Most jobs simply need to get done. There is a clear set of rules, responsibilities, and expectations. The tasks that need to be done dominate the…

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Don’t wait for good things to happen. Don’t wait for a win to get fired up. Don’t live for the next sale, the next publish, the next recognition. These things come to the diligent.

There are reasons to come alive that are much deeper. These reasons are like the laws…

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What inspires you? Who inspires you?

Can we get in a rut, if we inspire ourselves daily?

What if we filled our lives, moment by moment, with things that inspire us and people who inspire us?

Why wait for inspiration? Why wait for a few good things, when there are…

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What makes you come alive? What gives you satisfaction? What brings you fulfillment? These are the things of great value.

Value is a measurement word. We think about value when we buy something. We think about value when we lose something. We place a value on health, wealth, relationships, education…

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Do you feel like the businesses you interact with care about you? Sadly, it seems like we do business wrong. We focus on profit and don’t really care about the customer. The problem is, businesses create systems that behave like machines. And machines don’t care about people.

The real excitement…

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Here is a simple truth for me: If something doesn’t excite me or add to my sense of fulfillment, then it’s just a task.

I don’t wake up thinking of tasks. I don’t get excited talking about tasks. I don’t think about how I can perform tasks better. I don’t…

I started blogging daily, on my website. Mainly because of Seth.

I have read several of Seth Godin’s books. Purple Cow comes to mind. Tribes was pretty cool. Years ago Seth inspired me to blog daily. It lasted three days.

Seven years later I’m giving daily blogging a go again.

James Wilder

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